One day you will see that your body is a masterpiece and your soul is not trapped in a cage but instead it is inside an elegant treasure box that has cracks and holes and a key that you only have access to but when you open your treasure box you will find pictures and memories and trinkets and you will see that your body is not a cage but it is a holder of all you are and have always been and that you are absolutely precious and beautiful.

That’s definitely *NOT* a grass snake……I’m thinking Anaconda…?! Damn does that thing bite…..EEEEEEEEK?! {giggles} ~Q2K💋x

Balance. Abundance. Love.

Drug Game

We are just trying to figure each other out.

officially my all time favorite post

This is real in a sense that
most men are only into a woman’s body where as the woman wants to know the mans mind.